MLS WS 25/1

4 mm safety system / Measuring leads

  • MLS WS 25/1
  • MLS WS 25/1
  • MLS WS 25/1
  • MLS WS 25/1
  • MLS WS 25/1
  • MLS WS 25/1
Product MLS WS 25/1
description Safety measuring lead to IEC 61010 standard, at either end 4 mm diameter safety connector with onward connection capability (4mm socket). Nickel-plated copper beryllium contact spring. Highly flexible, double insulated stranded lead, shatter-proof grip sleeve and lead. Built in color indicator for easy indentification of insulation damages.
operating instruction BA452
article-no. /

MLS WS 25/1
technical data
rated voltage AC/DC 1000 V
measurement cat. acc. to IEC 61010 CAT II
rated current(1)
(consider derating curve)
16 A
material plug brass, nickel plated
housing material PA
temperature range acc. To IEC61010(2) -15 °C to +70 °C
inflammability class acc. to UL 94
(only valid for basic material of housing)
cable length 25 cm
conductor size 1 mm²
cable material PVC

(1) for normal environmental conditions 5°C to 40°C
(2) contact the manufacturer for applications at deviating temperature ranges

stand: 21.06.2022