TKO 5 PMT 221A

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  • TKO 5 PMT 221A
  • TKO 5 PMT 221A
Product TKO 5 PMT 221A
description The PMT 221A is a 250 MHz, standard sized, 10:1 passive probe designed for instruments having 1 M? input resistance. (switchable, 30MHz probe bandwidth by attenuation 1:1) This probe is recommended for general purpose probing applications and is adjustable for low and high frequencies.
- Modular Probe
- Coaxial Design
- Coaxial Reed Switch
- New IC Contacting System for 0.8 to 1.27mm pitch
- Interchangable Spring Contact Tip for reliable Contacting
- HF-Adjustment
Articlenummer 974311000
TKO 5 PMT 221A
technical data
measurement cat. acc. to IEC 61010 O (3)

(3) without rated measurement category, for other circuits that are not directly connected to mains

stand: 21.06.2018