MZS 1 - Pruef

4 mm system / Test probes

  • MZS 1 - Pruef
  • MZS 1 - Pruef
  • MZS 1 - Pruef
Product MZS 1 - Pruef
description Needle shaped, long stainless steel test probe with shatter-proof insulated sleeve and unsprung 4 mm contacting socket. During state of connection or operation of test leads, it is possible to measure with the test probe from the back side of the closed connector.
operating instruction BA419
article-no. /

MZS 1 - Pruef
technical data
connection unsprung socket 4 mm
rated voltage 30 VAC / 60 VDC
measurement cat. acc. to IEC 61010 O (2)
rated current
(consider derating curve)
1 A
material socket brass, nickel plated
housing material PP
temperature range acc. To IEC61010(1) -20 °C to +60 °C
inflammability class acc. to UL 94
(only valid for basic material of housing)

(1) contact the manufacturer for applications at deviating temperature ranges
(2) without rated measurement category, for other circuits that are not directly connected to mains

stand: 21.06.2022